Our Children, Our Families Council Members



Cecilia Galeano

Youth Commissioner

san Francisco youth commission





Commissioner Galeano was appointed by Supervisor Malia Cohen and is serving her second year on the Youth Commission. Before joining the YC, she began her advocacy as a youth leader with Project WHAT, a leadership program of youth with incarcerated parents, where she led a youth participatory action research project on CIP issues and helped train service providers on working with children with incarcerated parents. She is a first-generation college student from an immigrant family. She recently began courses at SFSU after transferring from City College, and is a graduate of Balboa High School. She lives in public housing in Potrero Hill and has two younger siblings. During her first term on the YC, Cecilia served as chair of the commission’s youth justice committee and advocated for family-friendly jail visiting policies and improved relations between youth and police. In addition to being a student and youth commissioner, Cecilia works part-time.

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