Coordinated Services and Targeted Resources

In this past year, OCOF has focused on creating city wide targets for where we want our children, youth and families to be in five years. Draft targets were presented at the June 1 Council meeting. There is a need to create action plans for how we will reach these five year targets. Therefore, for the next phase of work we will create smaller implementation teams focused on creating those action plans. At our January launch meeting, we will provide more detail. These groups will be organized according to the OCOF measures as outlined in the outcomes framework.

This working groups aims to provide guidance to OCOF to support service delivery by the following:

• Launch implementation teams

• Develop action plan to reach 5 year targets according to measures outlined in the framework

• Begin implementation of 5 year plan

The Working Group will meet four times in FY 18

January 2017: TBD


April 19, 2018 at noon to 3 pm, Location: TBD


July 2018  TBD


October 2018 TBD