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Dr. Vincent Matthews



San Francisco Unified School District



As superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), Dr. Vincent Matthews serves as the top executive of the eighth largest school district in California and the third largest employer in San Francisco.

Guided by Vision 2025, a blueprint for the future of public education in San Francisco and the strategic plan Impact Learning, Impact Lives, SFUSD will continue to accomp major results under Dr. Matthew's leadership.

A native of San Francisco, Vincent Matthews completed his preK-12 education as a student at William DiAvila, formally Dudley Stone ECE, Grattan Elementary, Hoover Middle and JE McAteer High School. Following graduation from McAteer, Matthews earned his Bachelor of Arts, teaching credential and eventually his doctorate in education from San Francisco State University. Early in his career as an educator he taught at George Washington Carver Elementary School and served as principal at Alvarado Elementary School.

    Before the San Francisco Board of Education selected Dr. Matthews to serve as superintendent, Matthews served the California Department of Education as the state-appointed superintendent of Inglewood Unified School District. Prior to serving in Inglewood, Matthews led the San Jose Unified School District as superintendent for 5 1/2 years where he is credited with raising academic achievement, narrowing the achievement gap between Latino and white students, and passing landmark agreements with the San Jose teacher’s union. Prior to working in San Jose, he served as a state-appointed superintendent for Oakland Unified and as an area superintendent for San Diego City Schools


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