Our Children, Our Families Council Members



Philip Halperin


the Silver Giving Foundation,                                   CALIFORNIA EDUCATION PARTNERS



As a founder of both California Education Partners and the Silver Giving Foundation, Phil Halperin has dedicated his career to the kids of California. His work has led him to champion efforts to strengthen pre-school statewide, empower and improve school districts, promote local investment in public schools, support teachers, and build robust and innovative partnerships that close opportunity gaps and help students stay on the path to success in college, career, and life. Phil earned his A.B. in Political Science from Stanford University and his MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business Phil has also co-chaired five successful local campaigns for public schools, including the $450 million 2006 and the $531 million 2011 School Bonds and the $400 million 2008 Quality Teaching and Education Act (Parcel Tax) and the $125 million per year Our Children, Our City Act.

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