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Outcomes Framework

Our Children Our Families (OCOF) Council is charged with creating an outcomes framework to outline the milestones the City, School District, and community want all children, youth, and families in San Francisco to reach.

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The Our Children Our Families Council consists of up to 42 members. The Mayor and Superintendent of SFUSD chair the Council, which is comprised of 13 City Department heads, up to 13 leaders from San Francisco Unified School District, and 14 community representatives appointed by the Mayor.

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OCOF Staff

OCOF's day to day coordination, meeting convening, and policy analysis is conducted by our staff, housed in the Mayor's office of San Francisco.

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Proposition C Legislation

The Our Children Our Families Council was created when the voters of San Francisco passed "Proposition C" in November 2014. The proposition created the Council to align efforts across the city and county, the school district, and the community with the aim of improving outcomes for children, youth and families in San Francisco.

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