OCOF Council




The Our Children, Our Families Council is chaired by the Mayor of San Francisco and Superintendent of SFUSD.

The Our Children, Our Families Council is a 42-member advisory body comprised of the following leaders:

•13 department heads from the City & County of San Francisco

• 13 leaders from SFUSD

• 14 community representatives appointed by the Mayor, including students, parents, and transitional aged youth.


City Department members:

 Barbara Garcia,
Department of Public Health

 Phil Ginsburg,
Recreation and Parks Department

 Kate Hartley,
Mayor's Office of Housing & Community Development

 September Jarrett
Office of Early Care & Education

 Naomi Kelly,
Office of the City Administrator

 Jeff Kositsky,
Department of Homelessness

 Michael Lambert,
San Francisco Public Library

 Allen Nance,
Juvenile Probation Department

 John Rahaim,
Planning Department

 Edward Reiskin,
Municipal Transportation Agency

 Trent Rhorer,
Human Services Agency

 Chief Bill Scott,
Police Department

 Dr. Maria Su,
Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families

 Joaquin Torres,
Mayor's Office of Economic & Workforce Development

San Francisco Unified School District members:

 Landon Dickey,
Special Assistant to the Superintendent for African American Achievement & Leadership Initiative

 Melissa Dodd,
Chief Technology Officer

 Guadalupe Guerrero,
Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, Innovation, & Social Justice

 Jill Hoogendyk,
Chief of Strategic Initiatives

 Dr. Ritu Khanna,
Chief of Research, Planning & Assessment

 Myong Leigh,
Deputy Superintendent Policy & Operations

 Orla OʼKeeffe,
Chief of Policy and Operations

 Jean Robertson,
Chief of Special Education Services

 Dr. Brent Stephens,
Chief Academic Officer

 Kevin Truitt,
Chief of Student, Family, Community Support Services Department

 Meenoo Yashar,
Interim Chief of Early EducationDepartment

 TBD,
Chief Facilities Officer

 TBD,
Chief Strategy and Fund Development

Community members:

 Sherilyn Adams,
Larkin Street Youth Services (Service Provider)

 Caroline Barlerin,
Twitter (Business)

 Paola Robles
Desgarennes, Youth Commissioner

 Dr. EʼLeva Gibson,
SFUSD (Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families Oversight and Advisory Committee)

 Philip Halperin,
Silver Giving Foundation (Philanthropy)

 Kentaro Iwasaki,
ConnectEd (Parent, K-12)

 Masharika Prejean Maddison,
Lightwell (Parent, Child Under 5)

 Mark Rocha,
Chancellor, City College of San Francisco (Higher Education)

 Nicole Scott,
Principal, McLaren EES (Public Education Enrichment Fund Citizen Advisory Committee)

 Abby Snay,
Jewish Vocational Services (Economic/Workforce Development)

 Egon Terplan,
SPUR (Housing Expert)

 Candace Wong,
Low Income Investment Fund (Office of Early Care & Education Citizen Advisory Committee)

(Transitional Age Youth)