As mandated by Proposition C, the Our Children Our Families (OCOF) Council is charged with creating an outcomes framework to outline the milestones the City, School District, and community want all children, youth, and families in San Francisco to reach. The Outcomes Framework was developed with guidance from the Outcomes Working Group and is grounded in research and input from the community and stakeholders.

The intent of the Outcomes Framework is to allow us to collectively establish priorities; align efforts; and use common measures of success to track our progress.

Outcomes Framework

On January 28, 2016, the Our Children, Our Families Council unanimously voted to approve the Outcomes Framework. The full Framework and Summary are available here: 

On May 21, 2018, the Council approved the following Citywide Goals for equity according to the Framework. 

The framework was created based on hearing from many voices in our community including parents, students, Transitional-Aged Youth (TAY), and leaders from the City, school district and community.  A list of our community engagement activities can be viewed here:

Next Steps

The Council will report publicly on progress made toward each goal and measure in an annual progress report. 

The Framework also serves as the foundation for the 5-Year Plan.