5-Year Plan: Year 1

Download a copy of the Our Children, Our Families Council 5-Year Plan: Year 1 document.


About the Document

On May 26, 2016, the Our Children, Our Families Council unanimously voted to adopt the OCOF "5-Year Plan: Year 1" document. This document  outlines the first step (Year 1) in achieving our goals outlined in the Outcomes Framework, an approach for working together called collective impact. Collective impact is the commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda to solve a specific social problem, because solving a complex problem will require many players to change their behavior. We know the challenges facing our children, youth, and families are interconnected – safety, housing stability, economic security, health, education, and employment cannot be addressed in isolation.

This document does not specify policies, programs, or services – instead it calls for us to identify and develop strategies together. In order to truly improve service delivery to our children, youth, and families, particularly the most disconnected and vulnerable segments of this population, we need to be equal partners and hold ourselves accountable in creating and implementing solutions. This Plan will serve as a roadmap for our collaboration across the City, District, and community in Year 1.

Next Steps

To begin to move this work forward, OCOF staff will:

  • Continue an ongoing review of City, District, and community plans, budgets, and upcoming request for proposals (RFPs) to determine opportunities for alignment to OCOF Goals;
  • Identify opportunities to align with District and City department budget processes and timelines; and
  • Prepare for the creation and launch of working groups for 2016-17.  

If you are interested participating in an OCOF working group, please complete our interest form and we will follow up in late June once an application process is in place.

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